With eyes that see the whole universe as a symphony of harmony and chaos, Sabbir began his artistic career as a musician, and all his other artistic aspects evolved from his musical roots. His musical works are astounding combinations of feel, precision and polish, with every beat and every cut leading toward a perfect end production.

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Bands Played With

2015 to present:
Grooveyard | Composer, VJ, Bassist
2010 to 2015:
The Speakeasy | VJ, Bassist
2003 to 2011:
Kalponik | Composer, Lyricist, Bassist
2007 to 2009:
De-illumination | Bassist
2005 to 2006:
Kaal | Bassist
2004 to 2006:
Satanic | Bassist

Full Length Album Released:

Sabbir [2007]
Deadline Music
Prothom Shurjodoy
Kalponik (2009)
Deadline Music
GrooveYard The Band
GrooveYard The Band [20220]


Adhar- Kalponik
Shopnochura II 2005 | G Series
Prohor- Kalponik
Prabartan 2005 | RB Series
Shomoyer E Pare- Kalponik
Underground 2006 | G Series
Ostitter Grash- Kalponik
Protborton 2006 | G Series
Shogokti- Kalponik
Shopnochura III 2006 | G Series
Michil- Kalponik
Rage 1 2009 | Rage Records
Choto Shopno- De-illumination
Dabanol 2008 | Deadline Music
Jantrik Joddha- De-illumination Dabanol 2008 | Deadline Music
Mukhosh- GrooveYard the Band
2016 | ME Label
Forbidden Search- GrooveYard the Band
2018 | ME Label