Zunayed Sabbir AhmedWith a creative streak matched only by an ever-expanding set of skills and talents, Zunayed Sabbir Ahmed is one of the most prolific artistic minds of this era, and his reputation as a seasoned professional in multiple fields continues to grow with every successful project execution that he spearheads. His passion for innovation seeps into every production he undertakes, regardless of what field it is in, and his unhesitant attitude toward creative experimentation is what always keeps him relevant.

Sabbir’s artistic side first manifested in the early years of his youth, when he first picked up his brother’s guitar and unassumingly entered the world of music, eventually falling in love with the bass guitar, a love that he celebrated across many different genres of music, from rock to baul to blues. To date, Sabbir has released a critically lauded solo album, as well as a watershed album with his previous band, Kalponik. He is currently working on the debut album of his band GrooveYard.

Zunayed Sabbir Ahmed Not stopping at music, Sabbir moved to photography, where his eye for outstanding visual composition was unveiled to the world. This eventually led to him developing an active interest in filmmaking, which he then actively pursued for many years, producing various music videos, short films and promotional videos, including the likes of award-winning experimental projects such as the first Lego-based stop motion film of Bangladesh, ‘Tumi Amar Jibon’.

Sabbir was first introduced to the world of VJing in the early 2010s, and the groundbreaking idea of visuals being played and manipulated live to add another layer of depth to a musical performance stayed with him long enough for him to keep experimenting and perfecting his VJ skills to this date. Now, with the credentials of many VJ performances under his belt, Sabbir is Bangladesh’s pioneer VJ, capable of adding new dimensions to any performance-based event with his stunning visuals.

Zunayed Sabbir Ahmed Without limiting himself to music and visuals only, Sabbir dedicated himself to creating complete live experiences, at both personal and commercial capacities. These stunning shows incorporated aspects of all his skills, combining music, visuals and composition to forge groundbreaking audiovisual experiences that left impacts on the minds of every viewer. And it is into this life as a producer of such experiences where he has settled now, working hard to produce the next big thing to shatter the stages of Bangladesh, and soon, the world.

Join Sabbir on his journey to glory at studio.zunayed.com.

Career Evolution

Experience Design for Live Events and Productions.

Specializing in the art of capturing spellbinding moments and creating magical atmospheres of storytelling through the combination of cutting-edge live technology and groundbreaking ingenuity, LiveSquare has rapidly become a force to be reckoned with.

Co-Founder/Managing Partner
Pioneer 3D Projection Mapping, LED Slicing, Holograph and digital video solution provider in Bangladesh

Co-Founder & Producer
Jatra Biroti is Bangladesh based non profit Art Center, promoting & cultivating blend of world music with traditional Bangladeshi folk.

Co-Founder & Chief Editor

Produced and officially published over 40 corporate documentaries, music videos, short films. Participated in many renown film festivals, won award on Bangladesh’s first Legomotion Film “Tumi Amar Jibon”

Senior Executive [Contents]

Visualizer & Chief Designer

Press Publication

Sabbir's successes as an artist have not gone unnoticed by the media, and the different facets of his talents have been readily recognized in these coverages.